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Board of Education Policy Manual


AC Affirmative Action Policy Statement
AC Administrative Guidelines
AC Complaint Form
ACA Administrative Regulations
ACA Complaint Form
ACA Nondiscrimination Policy
ACE Administrative Guidelines
ACE Complaint Form
ACE Policy Regarding Employees and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
AD Mission Statement
AD The Woodstock Board of Education Philosophy
ADA School District Goals and Objectives
ADC Smoke Free Environment
ADD Safe Schools


BBA Board Powers and Responsibilities
BBB Membership, Method of Filling Vacancies on the Board, Term of Office
BBBB Oath of Office
BBBH Orienting New Board Members
BCB Conflict of Interest
BCBA Nepotism
BDA Organization Meeting of the Board and Election of Officers
BDB Duties of Officers
BDE Board Committees
BEA Regular Meetings
BEB Special Meetings
BEC Executive Session
BED Remote Access to Board of Education Meetings
BEDB Agenda
BEDC Quorum
BEDD Rules of Order
BEDG Minutes
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
BEDHA Excluding the Public
BEDJ Use of Recording Devices
BEDL Adequate Information to Precede Action
BEE Continued Meetings and/or Hearings
BG School Board Policy Process
BGB Board Review of Regulations
BGB Policy Adoption
BGF Amendment/Suspension of Policy
BGFA Request for Policy Exception
BID Board Member Compensation and Expenses


CB Chief Administrative Office
CBC Superintendent Duties an Responsibilities
CBCA Assignment of New Buses
CBI Evaluation of Superintendent
CCA Staff Organization
CFE School Climate
CG Retention of Information & Records Policy


DBC Planning the Budget
DBG Adoption of the Budget
DBI Spending Plan
DBIA Non-Lapsing Education Fund
DBJ Transfer of Funds Within the Budget
DF Revenues
DJE Bids and Quotations
DJG Food Service Personnel Code of Conduct

DK Payment of Bills
DKA Payroll


EBAB Pesticide Application
EBBB Incident Reports
EBC Emergencies
EBCC Bomb Threats
EDC Computer Technology & Internet Access and Use
EEA Student Transportation
EEAA Walkers and Riders
EEAA Form T-I Petition
EEAD Transportation: Student Bus Assignments
EEAE Bus Camera Policy
EEAEA Bus Maintenance
EEAEC Bus Code
EEBD Transportation Complaints
EFB Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs
EFDA Food Service



GBA Administrative Guidelines
GBA Complaint Form
GBA Equal Opportunity - Nondiscrimination
GBAA Administrative Guidelines
GBAA Complaint Form
GBAA Sexual Harassment Policy
GBAC Minority Recruitment Policy
GBEA Prohibition of Recommendations for Psychotropic Drugs
GBEBD Anti-Retaliation Policy
GBEC Alcohol, Drug, and Controlled Substance Abuse
GBECA Drug & Alcohol Prohibition for School Bus Drivers
GBGA1 Bloodborn Pathogens
GBGA2 Chronic Infectious Diseases
GCC Family and Medical Leave Policy
GCEA Recruitment and Selection
GCEAA Employment and Reference Checks
GCF Employment Requirements
GCFA Security Check/Fingerprinting
GCG Long Term Substitutes
GCI Professional Development
GDB Twelve Month Non-Certified Agreement
GDCA Support Staff Sick Leave Policy
GDCB Personal Days - Bus Drivers



IA Educational Goals
IHBA Independent Evaluation - Special Education
IJJ/IJL Policy on Textbooks and Library Books
IKA Letter Grades and Numerical Equivalents
IKB Homework Philosophy
IKD Academic Recognition Goals/Roster
IKE Promotion and Retention
IMD Pledge of Allegiance
IMG Animals in School


JB Administrative Guidelines
JB Complaint Form
JB Students - Nondiscrimination
JF Age of Entrance
JFAA Residential Status
JFAA Residential Status Questionnaire
JFAA Form WPS Residency Form High School
JFAA Form WPS Residency PreK-8
JFAB Children of Non-Resident Staff
JFABD Homeless Students
JFAH Admission Procedures
JH Attendance and Truancy Policy
JHC School Starting & Dismissal Times
JIC Cyberbullying
JICA Student Dress Code
JICD Bullying Behavior in Schools Policy
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICI Students: Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
JIHA Student Searches
JJH Field Trips
JJIB Interscholastic Sports Policy
JJIBA Student Fees for Participation in Interscholastic Athletic Programs
JK Discipline Policy
JLC Health Appraisal Activities
JLCA Health Assessments and Immunizations
JLCB Immunizations
JLCC Chronic Infectious Diseases
JLCDA Administration of Medications to Students
JLCDB Training of Personnel for Administration of Medication
JLCDC Handling, Storage, & Disposal of Medications
JLCDD Documentation and Record Keeping for Medications
JLCDE Student Wellness: Student Nutrition & Physical Activity
JLCE First Aid/Care of Illnesses and Accidents
JLCF School Nurse
JLCP Parent Permission/Student Health Services
JLDB Suicide Intervention Policy
JLF1 Protection of Children from Abuse
JLF2 Child Abuse and Child Neglect
JLFA Reporting Child Abuse, Neglect & Sexual Assault
JLI Use of Physical Force
JRA Student Records
JRAH Student Health Records
JRAQ Student Health Questionnaire/Emergency Information Card


KBC Parent Involvement in Title I
KBD Parent Teacher Conferences
KDB Communication with the Public
KDB Public's Rights to Know/Freedom of Information
KDB Public Use of School Records (Requests for Documents)
KDC Relations Between School Personnel and the Public
KE Complaints Concerning School Personnel
KFB Community Use of School Buildings - Relations Between School and Community Groups
KFB/KFC Community Use of School Buildings and Grounds
KI Visitors & Volunteers
KJ Relations with Community Organizations - Relations Between School and Community Groups