2021-2022 District Calendar Key Dates


August 25-26

August 30

September 3

September 6

October 11

October 12

November 2

November 11-12

November 24-26

December 23-31

January 17

January 26

February 14

February 15

March 3, 4

April 15

April 18-22

May 30

June 14 ?

This calendar represents a core 182 days for students.


Professional Development Days

First Day of School

Professional Development/No School

Labor Day/No School

Indigenous People's Day/ No School

Professional Development/No School

Professional Development/No School

Half Days Parent Conferences

Thanksgiving Recess/No School

Winter Break/No School

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day/No School

Half Day

Presidents' Day/No School

Vacation/No School

Half Day Parent Conferences

Good Friday/No School

Spring Break/No School

Memorial Day/No School

Last Day of School/ Half Day