When the weather or other conditions are such that it is necessary to close school or dismiss school earlier than scheduled times, announcements will be made through the districts phone, email and texting notification system.

Such announcements will be made between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. You may also look for closings during television news programming.

Do not call the school. Phone lines are needed for emergency communications. Parents should not rule out the possibility of the loss of telephone communications in emergency situations.


  • Parents must have an emergency plan and review this procedure with their children:

  • Discuss the possibility of emergency situations with your children and what to do should they arrive home to find parents gone.

  • Make arrangements with at least two neighbors/relatives to have alternate places for children to go.

  • Develop a method by which children may let themselves in the house if all else fails.

  • Suggest the types of activities that the child might engage in that are generally safe, such as TV, reading, etc., rather than playing with games or becoming involved in activities where injuries might occur.

  • A list of 2-3 emergency names and phone numbers must be on file in the main office.

There may be some, mostly weather-related, occasions during which the elementary school would need to dismiss before the middle school or Woodstock Academy. Emergency plans should account for this possibility.