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Ms. Erika Pierce

Check the Woodstock Bus Routes

The school bus routes will be posted August 21, 2023. We are still adjusting routes for the upcoming school year. Please check back soon!

Also note: your Childs school bus number and times may change year to year based on ridership.

In an effort to keep our Woodstock Students safe we will make every effort to NOT CROSS students on Main roads (CT-169, 171, 197, 198) whenever possible. This may mean that your child has different buses in the morning and the afternoons. Please check carefully!

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Woodstock Public Schools
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Email: Erika.Pierce@dattco.com

If you know your children do not need transportation, please let DATTCO know so we can remove them from our ridership. If your student drives themselves, please let DATTCO know as well. If your children have not ridden the bus (in a while, or ever) let us know that they will now need transportation so we can make sure they are on the riding roster. Thank you for your assistance!

Woodstock Crew

Woodstock Public Schools

2023 - 2024

Bus code of conduct and school bus rules

The school bus is an extension of your Childs school day and they are expected to follow the classroom/bus rules at all times.

  • A bus will only stop at its designated stop. Please do not follow the buses if you miss your pick up time and have your child run to the bus from another stop. This is dangerous.

  • Students are expected to clean up after themselves. We have many students and bus drivers with severe allergies, therefore eating on the buses is not allowed. Any trash created by students is expected to be cleaned up and thrown away.

  • Please be aware: Students are allowed ONE additional pick up and drop off location/address for daycare purposes or for two parent (Divorced/Separated) households within Woodstock. We do not transport students (High School Aged) to work locations. We are not currently allowing students to ride other buses to friends houses due to capacity issues.

  • In an effort to keep our Woodstock Students safe we will make every effort to NOT CROSS students on Main roads (CT-169, 171, 197, 198) whenever possible. This may mean that your child has different buses in the morning and the afternoons. Please check carefully!

  • Woodstock School Buses do not transport any students who live in other towns (for any purpose) You must be a resident of Woodstock in order to ride a Woodstock School Bus. No exceptions.

  • All WES parents or caregivers must be present to receive their children off the school bus. In the event a parent is not present at the designated stop, the student will be returned to the elementary school for parent pick up. The school dismissal time begins at 3:25 and the buses are staggered for dismissal. Please allow a ten minute window for your student to be dropped off.

  • Unless given prior written permission, students are to ride their assigned bus only. This is to monitor capacity.

  • Students should be at their assigned bus stop five minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time and wait a safe distance from the road. They should not sit or play in the roadway. All students need to wait for the bus to completely stop before they move toward the bus and load, or to stand and get out of their seats to unload.

  • Elementary students will have assigned seating. Middle School and High school assigned seats are at the discretion of the bus driver and DATTCO manager.

  • Students are to remain in their seats and stay properly seated at all times. They are not allowed to move seats while the bus is in motion. They need to keep the isle clear of belongings so no one trips while entering or exiting the school bus.

  • Electronic devices are a privilege and not a right on our school buses as the school bus is an extension of the classroom. Children with phones are to keep their phone to themselves and not cause a distraction to the driver. Video taping is not allowed on the buses by students.

  • Conversation on buses need to be kept at an indoor level. Whistling, shouting, screaming, etc. are not acceptable. Students should refrain from talking with their driver unnecessarily and the drivers will do the same. This is for everyone safety. Students must keep their hands, arms, heads, and backpacks inside the bus at all times, and in their own seat/out of the isle.

  • Parents are liable for damages to the bus property.

  • Parents are responsible for transportation and school attendance during bus riding suspensions. After three write ups (by the school bus driver), a student may lose riding privileges' or receive disciplinary action by their respective principals.

  • There is no smoking or vaping on our school buses.

There are many areas in Woodstock where the school buses cannot travel due to a variety of reason but our number one priority is student safety. We have many group stops in town to ensure every student has an opportunity to ride the school bus to and from school. Here is a list of no travel roads from the Board of Education:

  1. Center Cemetery

  2. Andrews Rd

  3. Old Turnpike

  4. Sherman Road

  5. Camp Rd

  6. Tayler Rd

  7. Pole Bride Rd

  8. Barber Rd

  9. Brockway Rd

  10. Smith Road

  11. Shields Road

  12. Ojala Road

  13. Phelps Road

  14. Dividend Road

  15. Calkins Road

  16. Arvidson Road

  17. Bull Hill Road

  18. Pond Factory Road

  19. Leavitt Road

  20. Child Dome Road

  21. Paine Road

  22. Pulpit Rock Road

  23. Bungee Lake / Witches Woods Roads

  24. West Quasset Road

  25. Rose Lane

  26. Cul-de-Sacs within the town usually have group stops at the main entrance

There are other roads within the town that the Woodstock School Buses do not travel on - this list is not all inclusive.